5 different groups separated according to type and level!

We know that when you go for a ride it isn’t very nice to have to ask others to wait for you or to have to wait for others who aren’t as fit as you! For this reason, we always guarantee that there are 3 or 5 groups of different levels and athletic training, with a maximum of 15/20 cyclists each, so that everyone can choose the right group, train in the best way possible and fully enjoy this great sport.



GROUP “LA DOLCE VITA”: Participants in the Bikeness® La Dolce Vita programmes use their bicycles to help them discover the territory from a privileged vantage point. That’s why they cycle in tranquillity, admiring the surrounding views and without worrying about the kilometre indicator, the average speed or the total distance covered uphill.

They go on excursions that cover 40 – 60 km, always divided into small groups and accompanied by an expert guide: easy and fun trips during which there’s plenty of time to take a break or a photo or have a coffee and lots of laughs.


“CAPPUCCINO LIGHT” GROUP: Itineraries of 65/75 km per day, average speed 17-19 km/h. For cyclists who are not so well-trained and enjoy climbing at a lower and less intensive speed. The distances are shorter and the average speed is moderate.

“CAPPUCCINO” GROUP: Itineraries of 80/100 km per day, average speed 20-22 km/h. For cyclists who not only love to cycle, but also to enjoy nature and landscapes. Recommended for fairly well-trained cyclists.

“CAPPUCCINO SUPER” GROUP: Driven by the same philosophy as the Cappuccino group, but a little more “sporty”. The same distance is covered, but at an average speed of 23-25 km/h. Recommended for well-trained cyclists.

“LIMONCINO” GROUP: Itineraries of 90/120 km per day, average speed 26-28 km/h. For cyclists who love a challenge and want to suffer a little. Designed for sports enthusiasts or well-trained cyclists who have already covered between 2,000 and 2,500 km and want to really enjoy some of our great climbs.



The MTB groups are fans of mountain bikes in all their aspects, from dirt roads to more difficult routes over narrow woodland terrain or mountain tracks down to valley bottoms and along river and torrent courses.
You can try out your riding techniques without danger and with an expert guide able to give advice and accompany you along the most beautiful routes, most suited to you. Free participation in 5 MTB excursions with expert guide from 12 March to 9 April and from 24 September to 5 November; all other periods on request for groups of at least 5 cyclists. A minibus will always be at disposal for travel and assistance.

If you prefer DIY, lots of material at your disposal: 15 routes with detailed road book and the chance to rent a Garmin with pre-set routes.